What is building control?


All building work carried out should meet current building codes and regulation requirements. Our Building Control Service ensures that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. Please Note: It is the responsibility of those carrying out the work to ensure that the provisions of the regulations are fully met.

The role of Building Control is only to check that they do so.


Building Regulations


1. What are the Building Regulations?


Building Regulations ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings by providing functional requirements for building design and construction. In addition, the Regulations promote energy efficiency in buildings and contribute to meeting the needs of disabled people. Builders and developers are required to obtain building control approval, an independent check that the Building Regulations have been complied with.


The Building Regulations 2000 (as amended) are the current regulations.

Consolidated Building Regulations 2010

The consolidated Building Regulations 2010 came into force on 1 October 2010. These Regulations consolidate all of the amendments that have been made since the Building Regulations 2000. Annex A is a quick guide highlighting how the Building Regulations 2000 (SI 2000/2531) correspond with the Building Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/2214).

Ten essential functions of Building Control


Encourage innovation to produce energy efficient and sustainable buildings


Support local, regional and national businesses


Educate and inform building professionals, contractors and trades people


Defend vulnerable communities and householders


Drive out rogue traders


Safeguard the investments of individuals and companies


Enhance access for disabled, sick, young and old people


Protect the community from dangerous structures


Provide advice in support of the emergency services


Ensure sports grounds and public venues are safe for crowds


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